Public Documents

To ensure complete transparency with our donors and interest parties, we maintain this page with a complete record of all public filings and documents.

We hope that this transparency assists in proving our non-profit status and showing that we maintain our annual filing requirements with all applicable state and IRS requirements.

Any questions about these documents can be addressed to Troy Richardson at (802) 266-0266 or at any time.

IRS Logo

IRS Filings

IRS Initial Non-Profit filings are the documents required to create a non profit entity.

State of Vermont Filings

State of Vermont requires initial filings to establish a corporation and subsequently a non-profit. Annual filings are also required to maintain the corporation status in the state of Vermont.

State of Vermont

Donation History

In this section, you can review a summary of our donations over time.  Also included in this section are donations that have been made before the charity was created.

Before Decadent Duck Charities Corp. was created, fundraising was done under the name Decadent Duck Events, and is notated as such.

Donation History


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